The most powerful sentence you can speak starts with "Imagine"


Imagine I am …

How do you finish that sentence? What’s on your mind? What’s in your heart?

More important, what’s holding you back as you think about finishing that sentence? Can you finish it? Can you dare to dream and give voice to something greater than you are experiencing now?

How we finish the sentence that starts, “Imagine I am” says everything about our dreams, our hopes, our station in life, our ambition, our failures, our present, our past, our perceived future.

Our faith.

Our fears.

Our value.

Our confidence.

Our desire.

It’s a sentence that either emboldens you with its potential or imprisons you if your very next sentence begins, “But…”

Try it. Say those words “Imagine I am” and finish that sentence.

Give voice to your hopes and dreams.

Then relentlessly pursue them.



Don’t give up.

J Matthew Sabo

Husband. Father. Writer. Creator.